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Energy Market Research

Energy Market Research includes three different research-based Information Services on the energy sector.

Online subscription services

Key Energy News

Key Energy News

Key Energy News provides a selection of the best energy news around the world categorised by major energy related topics (tax, price, forecast, contract) on electricity, natural gas, oil, CO2 emissions, coal and heat.

Global Energy Research

Country Reports - Global Energy Research

Online information service covering the energy industry of 112 countries. The service provides updated market reports with valuable analysis, market data and a daily newsfeed on each domestic oil, gas, coal and power markets and benefits from a user-friendly interface.

Power & Gas Risk Analysis

NEW! Power & Gas Risk Analysis

The series of exclusive insightful risk reports per country containing qualitative and quantitative analysis to provide the versatile and comprehensive evaluation of the country risk.

Power Plant

Power Plant Tracker

Market research service from Enerdata to screen, monitor and analyse the development of power generation assets.

Power Plant Tracker

is offering an interactive database and a powerful search engine covering

power plants

in the World - both installed and projects.

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