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Enerdata is reckoned as one of the best experts regarding ex-post evaluation of energy efficiency.

With a considerable experience in energy efficiency evaluation and monitoring, and based on cutting-edge quantitative tools, Enerdata defines relevant indicators to monitor market changes, and assist governments and ministries in energy efficiency evaluation and monitoring issues.

Fields of expertise

  • Development of efficiency indicators
    To monitor energy efficiency trends, Enerdata provides expertise and data management solutions.

  • Energy efficiency strategy analysis
    Enerdata provides insight to develop and analyse strategies regarding energy efficiency. The MEDEE model is used to simulate energy efficiency scenarios at various levels (country, region or city).

  • Energy efficiency monitoring
    For the main energy consuming sectors, as well as the main energy end-uses, Enerdata provides expertise to define objectives and monitor energy efficiency performance at national or sub-national level.
Efficiency Evalution Tools
  • Information system with detailed time series on energy efficiency by country
  • proprietary methodology and software developed since 15 years

Selected references in energy efficiency evaluation

  • Preparation of an annual report on energy efficiency trends for the French administration
  • Monitoring of energy efficiency trends in the EU and by member country (ODYSSEE project)
  • Assessment of energy efficiency and GES policies for France : ADEME, Commissariat Général au Plan, Ministry of Environment, Industry Secretariat
  • Energy efficiency strategies in Malaysia for the Economic Planning Unit (UNDP project)
  • Energy efficiency strategies for several Regions in France: Bourgogne, French Guyana, Bretagne, Nord Pas de Calais, Lorraine, Midi Pyrenees
  • Long-term energy efficiency strategies for Maghreb countries (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia)
  • Assessment of energy efficiency strategies (Slovakia, Ministry of Economy)
  • Management of DATAMED data base containing energy consumption data and indicators in France for ADEME (1991-2004)
  • Preparation for ADEME and the World Energy Council Secretariat of a database and report on Energy Efficiency Policies and Indicators (2000-2004).




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