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Enerdata Offering & Credentials

30 years of experience in the economic, technology, policy and IT technology aspects of the energy industry.

Focused on the energy, climate change and transportation markets, Enerdata provides advisory, design & implementation, and IT services.

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Enerdata now offers top notch energy expertise through Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC); a clearinghouse of global policy best practices, data reports and analysis tools. Take advantage of our pool of multi-lingual energy experts to receive personalised solutions to your energy policy queries.

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Market Analysis

With our proprietary databases, methodologies and models, Enerdata provides responsive analysis and valuable insights on energy and carbon markets.

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Enerdata provides advanced forecasting services based on numerous issues related to energy, transportation and climate change, all of which are based on our proprietary, licensed forecasting models.

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Efficiency & Demand

Enerdata provides tailored services and personal expertise to governments bodies and energy agencies to monitor efficiency performance and develop relevant performance indicators.

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Climate Change

Enerdata assists private actors in developing relevant and cost-effective carbon strategies.

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