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Management Team

One of the key values of Enerdata is our human capital. Our team is composed of recognized Ph.D economists, engineers, analysts, industry and data specialists, and information system specialists who commit themselves to long-term relations and contribution in order to form a fully functional and professional organization.

Pascal Charriau - President
Pascal Charriau Pascal Charriau has been Enerdata's President since January 2013, when he became Enerdata's reference shareholder.
Before Enerdata, Pascal held several top management positions within Schneider Electric, where he developed a strong background in the energy world and acquired international experience.
During this time, Pascal and his family lived for nearly 10 years in foreign countries (Czech Republic, Spain).
Bertrand Château and Bruno Lapillonne - Founders
Bertrand Château
Bertrand Château is co-founder of Enerdata.
He graduated from a top French engineer school and holds a PhD in Energy Economics. For over 30 years, Bertrand has been considered as one of the best experts worldwide in energy demand prospective and energy policies evaluation. Bertrand has led an impressive number of consulting achievements and has written numerous articles and books.
Enerdata's former President during 20 years, Bertrand now supports Pascal as Enerdata’s Scientific Advisor.
Bruno Lapillonne
Bruno Lapillonne is co-founder and Vice President of Enerdata. Bruno graduated from an electrical engineering "Grande Ecole" and holds a PhD in Energy Economics.
He has recognized expertise in energy consumption analysis and energy efficiency assessment. He is the technical coordinator of the European project ODYSSEE on energy efficiency indicators involving all energy efficiency agencies in Europe. Lapillonne has also been the technical coordinator of several reports of the World energy Council (WEC) and ADEME on the benchmarking of energy efficiency policies worldwide.
Antonio Della Pelle - Managing Director of Enerdata Pte Ltd
Antonio Della PelleAntonio Della Pelle joined Enerdata in 2013 as the Managing Director of Enerdata Pte Ltd. Antonio is a chartered chemical engineer with more than 15 years of experience working within the energy industry. A recognized energy professional with worldwide experience (South East Asia, North Asia and Oceania), he primarily specializes in refinery, petrochemical, power, gas and LNG. Antonio has advised many multinationals on corporate energy strategies, optimization of the entire energy value chain, optimization of operations and implementation of energy management systems to sustain energy efficiency programs. He has been living in Asia since 2002.
Nathalie Desbrosses - Head of Market Research and Data
Nathalie Desbrosses Nathalie Desbrosses has been with Enerdata for over 10 years and has worked as the Head of Market Research and Data since 2008. She is responsible for Enerdata's research and data services. She is an expert in data collection, expertise and processing on energy/CO2 related information.
Nathalie has been involved in many studies for international institutions, energy companies and governments.
Nathalie holds a high degree in Energy Economics and in Modelling and graduated from France’s IFP School, a major engineering school.
Read more about Nathalie Desbrosses's experience in Energy Research
Christian Mollard - Head of Marketing & Sales
Christian Mollard Christian Mollard joined Enerdata in 2009 and manages a multinational team of business developers and marketing specialists. Their mission is to develop the best possible customer relations with both global energy companies and policy makers, create new markets and channels, target business and partnership opportunities and maximize the company's brand awareness throughout the world.
Previously, Christian held business development and product management positions at SAGEM and Avanquest Software in the US and in Europe.
Christian earned an MBA at Aston University (UK) and graduated from the Grenoble School of Management (France).
Florence Dal - Head of Web Solutions
Florence DalFlorence Dal joined Enerdata in 2006 and is Head of the Web Solution Department at Enerdata. She manages the development and maintenance of databases and web applications.
Before joining Enerdata, Florence worked for three years at Capgemini, leader in IT consulting. She was involved in several projects of web application developments for large industry companies in France.
Florence graduated from DESS Génie Informatique option Information system, IUP MIAGE and DEUG MASS.
Gilles Léo - Head of IT
Gilles LéoGilles Léo joined Enerdata in 1992 after for seven years of working at IEPE, a French research institute in the energy sector.
Gilles is the IT director of Enerdata, in charge of the development and maintenance of data systems, in particular the ENERDATA database.
He manages the data processing, data base design and development.
Gilles holds an IT DESS and a Master of Economical Sciences, option econometric.