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LNG Market Outlook 2015 webinar

Date of publication: January 2015

Enerdata power and gas expert held a webinar on the important developments happened in the LNG market in 2014 and provided insight on the LNG market outlook for 2015.

The webinar covered the following topics of the LNG industry:
more details are available in the LNG Market Outlook 2015 presentation

  • 2015 is the year of uncertainty for the LNG industry. We will continue to experience low LNG prices driven by temporary liquefaction over capacity.

LNG Trade graph and 2014 LNG highlights

  • The 2015 low prices environment will continue to support domestic gas price reforms in countries such as India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. National economies of high LNG consumers such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan will benefit from low energy cost.

Domestic LNG prices in Asian Countries

  • Import terminal operators will see their utilization rates drop at concerning levels where the balance between operating cost and revenue starts to move on the red zone.

  • Project developers will continue to delay their FID until they can see the light out of the tunnel. Those negotiating long term contracts have the big dilemma of shall it be oil-linked or not oil-linked.

LNG Trade & supply capacities

  • Never as before the importance to have a good insight of the future will differentiate losers from winners.

The Enerdata's mission is to bring clarity in the decision making process by highlighting the key areas of risk and proposing mitigation plans helping you to stay ahead of the competition no matter of the LNG prices.

Download the full LNG Market Outlook 2015 presentation here.

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