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Global Energy Research

Country Reports & Expert Energy Analysis

Global Energy Research

Global Energy Research provides individual market intelligence reports for 112 countries. Reports provide a synthetic analysis of the oil, gas, coal and power markets, and include updated market data. Grasp the essentials on the market structure, organisation, actors, projects and perspectives of the global energy industry.

NEW! Global Energy Research service: new release

The service has been upgraded with a new interface and with customized reports creation.
This will enable you to easily benchmark countries, energies, topics and companies.

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  • 112 country reports included
  • Multi-energy approach with oil, gas, coal, power, renewable energies
  • NEW! Customized report and country benchmarking
  • Reports structured around 6 main items
  • Analysis & news updated regularly by an experienced market research team, from a compilation of the best energy sources
  • Most recent market data included, extracted from our in-house global market database
  • Monthly updates: 10 countries Global Energy Research are updated every month
  • Each country is updated once or twice a year
  • Reactive data & information assistance from our market research team
  • Access to a synthetic and straightforward analytical service on the global energy market
  • Get relevant energy market analysis in 112 countries
  • Capture the essential market news and evolutions in a snapshot
  • Lead valuable market analysis with a trusted information source for 20 years
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Image Service Global Energy Research from Enerdata

Ask for your annual subscription, covering all countries or the countries of specific world regions.

Further details?

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How to subscribe?

This service is available through a 12 month subscription, for a limited number of registered users.

Please contact our commercial team to subscribe to our services:
email us
T: +44 207 183 4475
F: +44 207 183 8445

Updated Countries

December 2016

Congo DR
United Kingdom