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Energy databases

International energy databases providing quality and updated time series by country for oil, gas, power, renewable energies and coal industry on intuitive web interfaces.

Standard access and customised databases are available.

Online subscription-based databases

Global Energy & CO2 data

Energy & CO2 - Global Energy & CO2 Data

World coverage of the oil, gas, coal and power markets, with a detailed overview of national supply & demand annual data since 1970, and updated monthly. This service is built from more than 200 official data sources, and expertised by our data specialists to provide fully harmonized data sets.



EnerMonthly provides up to 300 series by country on oil, natural gas, biofuel, coal and power markets, for over 40 OECD and non OECD countries. The service is updated monthly.

Energy efficiency database

EU Energy efficiency indicators - ODYSSEE

Dedicated to energy use and efficiency data and indicators in Europe, on behalf of all EU Energy Agencies and of the European Commission. This database includes detailed indicators by sector for every year since 1990 until 2013 for the 28 EU members plus Norway.

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More standard databases

World LNG Database

World LNG Database

World LNG Database manages Terminals and LNG Plants around the world. Liquefaction and Regasification provides the LNG Zone, location, facility name and type. World LNG Database also includes LNG Shipping around the world, LNG contracts, regasification and liquefaction capacities, LNG flows, LNG production, imports and exports for each country.

World refinery database

World Refinery Database

Database dedicated to the refinery units around the world, both operational and new refineries. A useful tool to assess current and future production capacities of refined oil products by country and by zone.

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Customised databases
We design customised energy databases according to our client specifications. We set up a range of data series, from enerdata or other data vendors. We also design specific interfaces with advanced analytical tools. For more information view our database management section.


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