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Market Research

Enerdata experts have 30 years of experience in energy market analysis and conduct economic studies to determine supply & demand dynamics, in relation to social, economic, technology and regulatory drivers.

Enerdata has provided thorough energy market analysis for the last 20 years. Enerdata specialists provide expertise along the whole value chain of the energy industry ,and particularly on the downstream energy sector. Associated sectors such as the carbon market and the transportation sectors are also included in the market assessments and forecasts we provide to our clients.

Enerdata analysts have extensive knowledge of the power, gas, coal and oil markets. Our market assessments and forecasts rest on proprietary models, analytic methods, and energy databases developed through more than 20 years of experience.

Our market evaluation includes an analysis of all drivers impacting the markets, among which regulatory, policy, economic, and technological drivers.

Our insight allows private and public actors to better develop their strategy, and take advantage of market opportunities in Europe and other regions thoughout the world.

References in Market Analysis

  • For a major energy actor: assessment of the power market in the Balkans. The client asked Enerdata to assess the development of the market in several countries composing the Balkans. Based on proprietary data and market intelligence services, we supplied a valuable insight on the market, particularly regarding energy price issues and demand evolution.

  • For an investment fund in the energy sector: Enerdata was asked to assist the investment fund in its strategic positioning regarding the types and locations of projects to invest in. With case studies and countries analysis, Enerdata provided recommendations on protential investments.

  • For a leading European equipment company: Enerdata provided a global overview of the market potential for combustion biomass plants in 2015. Based on proprietary models and extensive market data, Enerdata combined a resource based approach and a power market approach to assess the potential of biomass plants vs. alternative technologies.


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