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Expert in ex-post evaluation of climate change policies.

Enerdata has been highly involved in climate change policy development and evaluation. We also assist private actors in developing relevant and cost-effective carbon strategy.

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are intrinsic to energy sector activities, particularly in fuel combustion and Enerdata has been involved in climate change issues from early on.

Enerdata has the technical background and a deep experience to provide individual solutions to both public and private organisations. Based on extensive quantitative databases, we have the knowledge to identify best practices, rank effective policy options, define least-cost mitigation options, and implement credible management strategies for GHG emissions.

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Fields of Expertise

Enerdata can provide you with expertise in the following areas:

Carbon Tools

  • EU ETS simulation model (ASPEN)
    The ASPEN software simulates the evolution of the EU ETS under regulatory constraints. It is associated with the global energy model POLES.

  • GHG forecasting model (MED-PRO)
    MED-PRO environment is a reference model to forecast national greenhouse gas emissions on a mid to long-term scope.

  • Global GHG emissions database
    Enerdata develops and maintains one of the most comprehensive database on global greenhouse gases emissions, with detailed time series by sector.


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