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Optional Expert Workshop

3 Webinars led by the Enerdata experienced modeling team to :
  • Understand our 2035 energy scenarios
  • Grasp the capabilities of the Enerdata models and the methodology behind
  • Assess how the Enerdata modeling expertise can be applied to your business and strategy
  • Raise your questions and them answered by experienced specialists
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Our Senior Expert Team:

Bertrand Château
(Enerdata Founder)
Expert in Energy Modeling & Prospective and Mobility & Transport:
  • Mobility forecasts and estimation of transport patterns
  • Technology foresight (hybrid, pure electric, biofuels, hydrogen & fuel cells)
  • Public policies and benchmark analysis
Supported by in-house long-term forecast models & trend analysis models for transport, mode by mode.

Bruno Lapillonne
(Enerdata VP)
Specialist in Energy Efficiency & Demand and Policy Evaluation:
  • Evaluation of energy savings and potential
  • Energy consumption & energy efficiency trends
  • Evaluation of energy policies & measures
Supported by inclusive databases & in-house forecast models covering energy demand by end use and GHG emissions.
Ask an expert
Energy efficiency or Mobility Foresight questions? Our senior energy experts can assist you!

Enerdata now offers top notch energy expertise through Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC); a clearinghouse of global policy best practices, data reports and analysis tools. Take advantage of our pool of multi-lingual energy experts to receive personalised solutions to your energy policy queries.

Who is eligible?
We offer our assistance to representatives of government agencies or international organisations of any country.

How does it work?
Register at non cost on CESC to be able to pose your question directly to an expert. We will get in touch within two days. Our experts will then provide you with in-depth answers and personal assistance through phone and email consultations.