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About Enerdata

About Enerdata

Global Energy Intelligence

Enerdata is an independent Research & Consulting firm on the global oil, gas, coal, power, renewable and carbon markets established in 1991. Leveraging extensive quantitative databases, proven methodologies and advanced forecasting models, our experts have more than 25 years' experience in economic, policy and technology issues shaping the energy industry. Enerdata is composed of experienced teams of energy industry experts, analysts, engineers, data & IT specialists. We provide data, research, solutions, consulting and training to hundreds of clients worldwide: major Oil & Gas companies, electric utilities, equipment companies, consulting firms, banks and public organisations.

Global Energy Research Solutions Consulting & Expertise Training

Global Energy Research

Global Energy Research
Enerdata has been a data-driven research company trusted for its ability to provide timely, quality, reliable, and globally consistent energy data and research on the global oil, gas, coal, power, renewable and carbon markets for more than 25 years. Our research platform includes energy updated data, news, reports, forecasts, delivered on fast and intuitive web interfaces. Our clients use our research to assess markets supply, energy demand, energy prices, regulatory environment & policies, technology & efficiency, infrastructure and investments.


Enerdata designs, develops, hosts, maintains and markets large proprietary and client databases. We have developed state-of-the-art data management processes, by achieving the data collection, cleansing, expertise, update and diffusion of one of the largest data sets in the energy industry. Capitalizing on leading database technology and proprietary data diffusion software, we offer our clients unique and tailored solutions to manage databases and information systems.

Consulting & Expertise

Consulting & Expertise
Enerdata provides analysis, insight and expertise to international private and public players in the energy industry to understand and anticipate vital changes in the energy sector. Enerdata is a leader in global energy markets forecasting. Leveraging powerful quantitative energy forecasting models, we build scenarios to simulate mid to long term oil, gas, coal and power and carbon markets outlooks. Our experts bring insights on key issues such supply, demand, prices, technology, and carbon constraint. Our experts have unrivalled experience in energy policy assessment and demand & efficiency evaluation. Using detailed bottom-up demand forecasting models and proven methodologies and KPIs, we monitor policies and efficiency performance. We have implemented our tools, methodology and indicators in more than 60 countries over the last 25 years.


Enerdata's experts conduct training sessions dedicated to energy modelling, energy efficiency & CO2 reductions, market fundamentals & prices and risk management. From introductory to advanced courses, we design focused and interactive sessions with a limited number of attendees, for an optimal result. We now also offer training on demand, either at Enerdata's offices (Paris/Grenoble) or onsite.