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Long term demand prospective model for a given market, with considerable parameter flexibility to build scenarios.

MEDEE is a sectoral end-use type model according to the World Bank Classification. Developed since 30 years, it adresses energy demand issues for main sectors (industry, households, service, transport, other) and main categories (end-use).

The main assets of this model are:

  • The structure and desagreggation level of the model are flexible, open to the user's prescriptions, to fit best with the nature of the strategies prospective study, the key decision to be informed by the forecasts and the data availability.
  • The modelling specifications are adapted to each particular category/end-use considered, to better fit with actual drivers and dynamics relevant to this category/end-use.
  • Exogenous inputs on demand drivers considered in the model are consistently established through a well-defined scenario building methodology.
  • The model is supported by a highly efficient and user-friendly software, likely to be connected to any reporting format.
    MEDEE models have been implemented and used in more than 100 countries and regions all over the world. It is today at the core of the official long term energy and CO2 emissions prospects of the trends government.

For further information about this model and its applications, or to define an evaluation of your needs, please contact us

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