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EPH buys two gas-fired power plants (1.7 GW) in the Netherlands

EPH has closed, via its subsidiary EP Netherlands, the acquisition of the 870 MW Sloe gas-fired power plant from ZEH and EDF. In addition, the Czech energy group has also acquired the 800 MW Rijnmond gas-fired power plant with 800 MW installed capacity. Besides the power plant portfolio, EP Netherlands has acquired PZEM Energy Company from ZEH, which includes the ZBL pipeline (a 55 km gas pipeline supplying the Sloe power plant), trading business and B2B power and gas supply.

Electricity generation capacity in the Netherlands stood at 42 GW at end-2021. In 2021, the solar capacity reached the gas-fired capacity (13.5 GW) for the first time. The rest of the capacity mix comprises wind (7.8 GW), coal (5.6 GW), and nuclear (0.5 GW). Large players on the Dutch power generation markets includes RWE (5.3 GW at end-2021) and Vattenfall (4.1 GW).

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