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EDF's power generation in France reached a record low in 2022

According to preliminary 2022 results, EDF's power generation hit a record low in 2022 due to much lower nuclear and hydropower production in France. The group posted a 22% fall in hydropower generation to 32 TWh due to a severe drought. In addition, it posted a nearly 23% fall in nuclear power generation to 279 TWh, owing to a lower availability of the nuclear fleet as many reactors were offline for maintenance (stress corrosion affecting circuits). After prolonged maintenance times, the availability of the French nuclear fleet decreased to just under 35% of the installed capacity in August 2022 and power generation was cut at 10 reactors in December 2022 to save fuel amid mild temperatures, further reducing nuclear power generation. In early January 2023, over 2/3 of the nuclear reactors in France were available again, 44 operating and 12 shut down.

The French nuclear fleet is the second largest worldwide, with over 61 GW installed at the end of 2021, covering around 70% of the power mix (68% in 2021).

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