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Energy Efficiency Evaluation

Energy efficiency strategy, indicators and monitoring.

Enerdata is a leading expert in ex-post evaluation of energy efficiency. Enerdata uses cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative tools and defines relevant indicators to monitor market changes, benchmark and evaluate policies and measures and assist governments and ministries in energy efficiency evaluation and monitoring issues.


Enerdata’s field of expertise and capabilities span across:

  • Development of efficiency indicators – Enerdata provides expertise and data management solutions to monitor energy efficiency trends.
  • Energy efficiency strategy analysis – our experts give valuable insight to develop and analyse strategies regarding energy efficiency. The MEDEE model is used to simulate energy efficiency scenarios at various levels (country, region or city).
  • Energy efficiency monitoring - for main energy consuming sectors as well as the main energy end-uses, Enerdata provides expertise to define objectives and monitor energy efficiency performance at national or sub-national levels.
  • Energy efficiency policies and measures evaluation - Enerdata has been developing databases on energy efficiency policies and measures to monitor and benchmark innovative initiatives implemented worldwide and is able to evaluate their impact thanks to relevant indicators.


Evaluation of energy efficiency measures for the European Commission


  • For a globally recognised energy institution: Enerdata undertook a global project as part of an initiative to promote and support the development, introduction and implementation of energy efficiency policies around the world. Enerdata identified recent trends in energy efficiency performance and provided a sound platform to evaluate energy efficiency policy on a global scale.
  • For an international framework supporting economic development: Enerdata was assigned to assist a group of developing nations to collect data on their energy consumption and the corresponding drivers in order to produce calculations on energy efficiency and intensity for economic comparison and benchmarking. Enerdata built a regional database and data mapper for 13 countries and wrote the corresponding energy efficiency reports highlighting trends and policy recommendations for national and regional governments.

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