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We help you shape the energy transition.

Ammonia webinar
While most of the ammonia is dedicated to the production of nitrogen fertilisers today, the growth prospects for this hydrogen derivative lie in new energy uses. Leveraging our dedicated research, our analysts studied the market potential for low-carbon ammonia. They discovered that this molecule could be particularly well suited as an alternative bunker fuel and has the potential to serve as a hydrogen vector as well as to produce electricity in dedicated thermal power plants.
Wec 2024
Enerdata has been invited to showcase the two scenarios titled “Rocks and Rivers”, collaboratively developed with E.ON for the World Energy Council. Our expert, Jacques Despres presented the underlying hypotheses and the consequential results of both scenarios.
Executive Briefs
Electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles’ deployment: will it reach expected targets?

The European Union (EU) has set a target of carbon neutrality by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement, as well as an intermediate target o...
webinar EnerFuture 2024

Webinar - Decarbonisation Pathways: The Renewables (R)evolution

Are we progressing as planned to triple renewable energy sources by 2030? Leveraging 2024 updates of EnerFuture, our modelling expert proje...
Executive Briefs
Brief Uranium

The Supply of Enriched Uranium

Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 reignited debates in Europe and the United States on the dependence of nuclear industries on R...

Daily Energy & Climate News

About us

About us

Enerdata is an independent research company that specialises in the analysis and forecasting of energy and climate issues. We do this at a variety of different geographic and business / sector levels. Our company is headquartered in Grenoble, France, where we were founded in 1991, and has a subsidiary in Singapore.

Leveraging our globally recognised databases, business intelligence processes, and prospective models, we assist our clients – which include companies, investors, and public authorities around the world – in designing their policies, strategies, and business plans.

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Free Application

Global Energy and Climate Outlook: Key World Energy Projections to 2050

EnerOutlook is a free interactive online application, providing long-term energy trends at world and region level through interactive maps and graphs. Browse annual projections on primary and final energy consumption, CO2 emissions, electricity and renewable energy. Access forecasts to 2050 from the globally recognised POLES model, including regional and country snapshots.

Products & Solutions

Energy and climate Databases

Energy and Climate Databases

Collecting, cleansing, harmonising, consolidating, processing and analysing energy data is our historical core competence. For over 30 years, we have built a strong reputation in the energy field, especially in CO2 data science, with coverage of all energy sources worldwide. Our strategic tools and user-friendly web interfaces are constantly evolving, giving you easy access to the latest and most reliable data.


Energy and climate Forecasts

Energy – Climate Forecasts

Our goal is to help key industry and public actors anticipate the future and make sound policy and strategic decisions through our energy forecasts. This expertise is based on our core strengths: a worldwide team of experts, cumulated scientific know-how, in-house models and databases, numerous R&D programs, and decades of experience with international energy players.


Market intelligence

Market Intelligence

From the constant stream of information, everyone needs instant information about their specific markets and strategic priorities. Whether it’s for our information services, tailor-made solutions, or market research, we have developed cutting-edge Content Management Systems that leverage the most reputable sources to bring to you only the right relevant and targeted information, just when you need it. What’s more, our senior analysts provide you with their additional strategic insights.


Consulting & Expertise

Decarbonisation pathways

We are deeply involved in the energy transition and we offer to bring you on board. Our experts will use our data services, scenarios, and models to guide you on your most effective pathways.