USGS survey points out 1.5 Tcm of gas hydrate resources in Alaska (US)

12 Sep 2019

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) latest 3D seismic mapping, the Alaska North Slope contains 1,523 bcm (53,800 bcf) of technically recoverable natural gas hydrate (methane ice) resources stored within gas hydrate formations. The resources are located on a depth range of 200-1,200 m. Ressources are assumed to be tackled by using conventional technology. As there are no exploration fields on gas hydrate formation, its commercial viability is unknown.

The previous, less-accurate, study estimated resources to be of 2,400 bcm (85,000 bcf).

Gas hydrates are ice-like solids in which water molecules trap gas molecules in a cage-like structure. They are usually found in seafloor sediments and in Arctic onshore permafrost environments.

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