Thailand's government approves national energy plan by 2037

2 May 2019

Thailand's government has endorsed a national energy plan (Power Development Plan 2018-2037 or PDP 2018) that sets out the long-term energy requirements and power generation capacity of the country. It forecasts Thailand's installed power capacity to rise by 56 GW by 2037 (not including 20-30 GW of capacity decommissioning). Most of the new capacities will be renewable (nearly 21 GW). By 2037, 53% of the domestic power generation capacity will consist of gas-fired power plants, while renewables and coal-fired plants would account for 20% and 12% of the total, respectively. This is quite different from the previous plan outlined in 2015, which forecasted that gas would make up 40% of the 2036 power generation capacity and coal 25%.

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