POGC installs Platform 19B at South Pars gas field (Iran)

14 Mar 2017

Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) has announced the installation of the South Pars 19B offshore platform, which was the last operation required for the completion of South Pars phase 19 offshore section in southern Iran. The start-up is expected in April 2017.

The construction cost of the platform is estimated at US$150m and it will have the capacity to extract over 14.2 mcm/d (around 5.2 bcm/year). The two other platforms of the phase 19, 19A and 19C, have already been installed and have the capacity to extract respectively 14 mcm/d and 28 mcm/d.

POGC's plan is to make sure the whole phase 19 will bring 56 mcm/d to a refinery located in the Pars kangan region. The gas will be processed there and injected to the national gas network.

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