NNPC expects Nigeria's gas demand to increase fivefold by 2027

5 Jun 2019

Nigeria's national oil and gas company Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) expects domestic gas demand in Nigeria to increase five-fold (+393%) within the next eight years. This surge in gas demand would mainly come from the power sector (additional demand of 5.7 bcf/d, i.e. nearly +59 bcm/year). Domestic supply should also increase, thanks to the "Seven Critical Gas Development Projects" (7CGDP), which would produce an additional 3.5 bcf/d (36 bcm/year) of gas in 2021. Gas supply will also be improved with the completion of the ELPS II (Escravos Lagos Pipeline System) looping and with the OB3 (Obiafu/Obrikom/Oben) project.

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