The Netherlands will not increase gas production from small fields

7 Oct 2019

The Government of the Netherlands has announced that it will not seek to offset the end of gas extraction at the Groningen field in 2022 by increasing production from the 240 small gas fields in the country. In 2018, these fields accounted for approximately half of the total gas production in the Netherlands, and their gas production is declining regularly (more than 1 bcm decrease between 2017 and 2018).

In September 2019, the Netherlands decided to stop natural gas production at the Groningen natural gas field by mid-2022. Gas extraction was progressively reduced from 53.8 bcm in 2013 to 42.5 bcm in 2014, 33 bcm in 2015, 27 bcm in 2016, 21.6 bcm in 2017 and 20.1 bcm in 2018 (from October 2017 to October 2018).

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