Greece officially retires 2 lignite-fired power plants (1.1 GW)

8 Apr 2021

The Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) has decided to formally shut down four units at the Amyntaio (two 273 MW net units) and Kardia lignite-fired power plants (two 270 MW net units) in northern Greece. The four plants, owned by the power utility Public Power Corporation (PPC), have a combined capacity of 1,120 MW net (1,200 MW gross). The two Kardia units stopped production in June 2019, while the Amyntaio units exhausted their 17,500 operating hours extension in November 2019 but continued operating until May 2020.

Coal accounts for 17% of Greece’s installed capacity, with 3.3 GW (2019), and around a quarter of the power mix (24% in 2019). Greece aims to phase out lignite-fired power generation by 2028.

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