Germany's latest onshore wind tender was 55% undersubscribed

15 May 2019

The German energy regulator Bundesnetzagentur has selected winners in the second round of 2019 onshore wind tenders that was held on 1 May 2019 and that was largely undersubscribed. The tender offered 650 MW but only 41 bids totalling 295 MW (i.e. 45% of the total volume) were submitted. 6 were excluded due to missing elibility and 35 were permitted (270 MW), including 10 in North-Rhine Westphalia, 7 in Lower Saxony and 5 each in Brandenburg and Thuringia. 

Successfull bids ranged between €5.4c/kWh and €6.2c/kWh and the average surcharge slightly increased compared to the preliminary round (€6.13c/kWh, from €6.11c/kWh).

The next call for tenders for onshore wind will be held on 1 August 2019.

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