Chevron starts CCS at Gorgon LNG plant in Australia

9 Aug 2019

Chevron Australia and the Gorgon Joint Venture participants have started to operate their CO2 injection system at the Gorgon LNG plant on Barrow Island off Western Australia. The CCS equipment is expected to inject between 3.4 and 4 MtCO2/year and to cut Gorgon LNG's CO2 emissions by about 40%, corresponding to more than 100 MtCO2 over the entire life of the injection project.

The Gorgon liquefaction plant is a US$54bn joint venture operated by Chevron (47.3%), in partnership with ExxonMobil (25%), Shell (25%), Osaka Gas (1.25%), Tokyo Gas (1%) and Chubu Electric Power (0.417%). The LNG plant consists of three 5.2 Mt/year liquefaction trains; the first two were commissioned in March 2016 and the third one in March 2017, raising the plant capacity to 15.6 Mt/year.

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