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World CO2 Emissions on Highest level ever in 2010

9 Jun 2011

Enerdata releases its 2011 edition of its Global Energy Statistical Yearbook

Enerdata has just released its free online interactive application to analyse the world energy markets, with energy and CO2 data from 2010 given by country and world region

About the online application

Enerdata is proud to release the 2011 edition of its online Global Energy Statistical Yearbook, a free online interactive data software. This application provides statistics on the production, consumption and trade of oil, gas, coal and power, by world region and country updated until 2010. It also includes CO2 emissions from energy use. This statistical yearbook relies on the Enerdata World Energy Data Bank, developed and maintained since 1986 by a team of energy specialists.

An intuitive and user-friendly online interface, which includes graphs and maps, allows for a powerful analysis of the latest global energy industry trends. Data can be exported on xls files for advanced analysis.

With a comprehensive geographical coverage, and a multi-energy approach, this application is an introduction to Enerdata's suite of online information services dedicated to the energy industry.

About 2010 energy and CO2 data

The first 2010 global energy data confirms trends identified in May 2011. Energy consumption soared by 5.5% in 2010, after the 1% decrease observed in 2009 and results in a growth in CO2-energy emissions close to 6%, to their highest level ever.

Emerging countries account for 2/3 of this global increase with about 460 Mtoe, and China alone represents 1/4 of the world energy consumption growth in 2010.

Oil, gas and coal contribute equally to this increase in energy demand in 2010, largely due to the industrial recovery.

To read the full presentation and access to the online application with 2010 energy & CO2 data, click here.