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2015 World Energy Trends

2 Jun 2016

2015: Stable CO2 emissions in the G20 thanks to energy efficiency and to the decline of coal share

Enerdata publishes its annual analysis based on its 2015 data for G20 countries. Representing 80% of the global demand, the G20 shows key trends in evolving global markets.

After a surprising year in 2014, what do we learn from 2015?

  • Are we moving towards stabilization of energy consumption and CO2 emissions?
  • Can we already see the effects of energy efficiency policies as well as the transformation of energy sources towards a lower carbon mix?
  • What lessons can we learn from major countries and zones (China, EU, USA, India…)?
  • Are the current trends in line with the COP21 agreements?

G20 Key Energy Figures 2015

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