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Energy efficiency monitoring system in Mexico

7 Nov 2017

ADEME with the financial support of AFD (Agence Française du Développement) has selected Enerdata to assist the Mexican Energy Efficiency Agency (CONUEE) in the evaluation of energy efficiency in Mexico, both over the last 20 years and over the long-term (2030, 2050).

The evaluation of historical trends relied on a large set of detailed energy efficiency indicators, including energy efficiency indices and energy savings by sector, that have been prepared during the project. All the data and indicators have been disseminated on CONUEE’s web site through a user-friendly database, developed by Enerdata. A tool has also been implemented by Enerdata to visualize the link between selected energy efficiency measures and energy efficiency indicators, so as to evaluate the impact of these measures.
The long term prospective analysis relied on Enerdata’s Medpro model for energy demand forecasting. Two scenarios have been developed: a baseline scenario and an energy efficiency scenario including new energy efficiency measures. The comparison of the two scenarios enable to assess the energy saving potential by sector and end-use.

These two components of the project will be used by CONUEE to prepare its annual contribution to the monitoring of the Mexican Energy Transition Law.