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Global Model on Very Long Term Energy Environment.

VLEEM has been designed under a EU research project to support R&D policy decisions in the field of energy, in relation with sustainability objectives in the very long term. Addressing energy and environment issues over one century, VLEEM fills a gap in the existing energy models which are designed and calibrated to address much shorter time horizons.

The demand module of VLEEM, so called “BASES”, addresses more specifically all issues related to energy services and energy demand, with fundamental drivers linked with demography, time-budgets and to information embodied in technologies, organisations and skills.

The demand/supply technology module of VLEEM, so-called “TASES”, addresses more specifically all issues related to the overall supply/demand equilibria at regional and world levels on the very long term, which meet sustainability criteria in the field of environment.

For policy and strategic purposes, VLEEM is used in two steps:

  • First to produce pictures of sustainable world and regional energy systems in the very long term (up to 2100) corresponding to different technology paradigms.
  • Second, to evaluate the trajectories between this end-points and the present, and to identify key milestones in R&D, industrial context, economic conditions and social acceptability.

For more information: www.vleem.org

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