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Econometric model

Short term forecasting through econometric approach

Enerdata has developed a proprietary econometric model to generate national projections of the energy markets on the short term (2 years), for more than 50 countries .

The model is based on historical energy data series, extracted from our global energy databank. Projections are based on econometric MODELLING mainly linked to economic growth and prices. The model takes also into account climatic influences and projections of power plants capacities.

  • Our intervention is achieved in a collaborative way with the client
  • Based on the client’s projections needs, we can calibrate the model for specific energies, sectors or geographical zones
  • Quantitative projections are realized once the model is calibrated properly
Our experts bring insight and interpretation of the projections results


For each country listed below, the model provides forecasts by energy and by sector.

52 Countries

Supply & demand forecasts by energy and by sector

  • Electricity consumption by sector: industry, residential, services, agriculture
  • Oil consumption by sector: electricity generation, industry, transport, residential, services
  • Gas consumption by sector: electricity generation, industry, residential, services
  • Coal consumption by sector: electricity generation, industry, residential, services, agriculture
  • Cost of production of electricity (under developpement)


  • 30 years experience in energy demand forecasting
  • Model calibrated with our in-house international energy databank
  • Communication of the set of assumptions used to make projections
  • Careful validation process by our experts

For further information about this model and its applications, or to define an evaluation of your needs, please contact us

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