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Energy efficiency in Europe overview

Overview of policies and good practices – 2016 ADEME

Date of publication: 26 October 2016

Energy efficiency in Europe overview

Enerdata, has written for ADEME a brochure of energy efficiency policies and good practices. Results are based on the results of the ODYSSEE-MURE project.

This brochure presents an overview of European actions undertaken in the field of energy efficiency, through 11 thematic chapters (of which the building renovation, the energy poverty, nZEB, the transport sector, the industry, the public sector).

Each section is divided into three parts:

  • Description of historical trends of final energy consumption,
  • Review of the main types of existing measures implemented in Europe,
  • Selection of the most common and/or innovative measures that exist in some countries.

The main findings by energy efficiency sectors are presented at the end of this document.

Download the full brochure (92 pages)

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