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11 January 2017 - Kazatomprom (Kazakhstan) will cut uranium production by 10% in 2017

Kazakhstan's uranium mining company Kazatomprom has announced a reduction of around 10% in uranium production in 2017, owing to the prolonged recovery in the uranium market, which is currently in over supply. This 10% reduction will correspond to a cut of more than 2,000 MtU (more than 5 million lb U308), or 3% of the global uranium production.

Kazakhstan is the largest uranium producer with 39% of global production in 2015 (23.8 Mt, compared to a total of 61 Mt), followed by Canada (13.3 Mt), Australia (5.6 Mt) and Niger (4.1 Mt). Kazakhstan's production is carried out by Kazatomprom or joint ventures with international partners; the planned reduction will differ for each mine and joint venture to reach an aggregate 10% reduction.

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