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Frederic BAULE brings his expertise to strengthen Enerdata’s development

Grenoble (France) – November 13, 2014

In order to consistently enhance its expertise and capitalize on best in class experiences, Enerdata is regularly strengthening its Consulting and Research teams with the support of recognized and independent experts.

Frederic BAULE Picture

We are proud to announce that Frederic BAULE has agreed to join our teams on an associate basis in order to support Enerdata’s development. He will bring his expertise to our Consulting teams and to our Customers, and join our Experts Panel to enrich our market knowledge and innovation capacity.

Frederic will add 30 years of great international experience to Enerdata; his expertise is focused on the oil sector, and more specifically on physical and financial trading, the interactions between international and domestic oil markets, and the implementation of market risk management processes along the oil supply chain.

He built his expertise through a variety of assignments at Morgan Stanley, Elf and Total. His experience as lecturer at different universities, and speaker in some international conferences, led him to interact also with several financial market regulators on various issues related to the functioning of the international commodity derivatives markets.

We are very happy to count with Frederic’s support and welcome him in the Enerdata environment!

Frederique Baule brings expertise to Enerdata Download the press release (PDF)