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What's new in Enerdata?

EU Building Stock Observatory is online - 30 November 2016
Enerdata is a partner of the EU Building Stock Observatory project alongside BPIE, ECN, Ecofys, Seven and the support of 20 other organizations. This project aims at providing a comprehensive snapshot of the building stock characteristics in Europe for policy-makers, investors, industry stakeholders, energy utilities, local and national authorities as well as researchers, in order to underpin decision-making, financial and long-term strategic support. Read the news

Public Webinar - 2016 Half Year Key Energy Market Trends - 22 November 2016
Leveraging its new Monthly Energy Database, Enerdata unveils its latest analysis on 2016 half year global energy market trends. Read the news

Enerdata is advising the European Commission in order to build early estimates of 2015 annual data on energy consumption - 01 July 2016
In order to monitor progress towards the Energy Union objectives, the European Commission has built a scoreboard of key indicators per Member State and at EU level. The energy consumption statistics are currently provided 13 months following the reported year. Read the news

Zebra 2020 (Enerdata partner) updates the datatools - 20 May 2016
ZEBRA 2020 project updates the datatools which offer a user-friendly presentation of indicators related to building activities in Europe. Read the news

Enerdata contributed on several Insight_E observatory publications throughout the year 2015 - 13 November 2015
Enerdata largely contributed to multiple publications of the Insight_E observatory throughout the year 2015. In partnership with Enerdata experts, several publications have been released, including the Market Stability Reserve: Assessing Reform Needs and Possible Impacts on the EU ETS, the Analysing RES support mechanisms in the EU post-2020, the Shale Gas for Europe study and the Analysis of opportunities and barriers for Mideast gas. Read the news

Intelligent Energy Europe project ENTRANZE is now coming to an end - 11 December 2014
Enerdata has been a key figure in the ENTRANZE project consortium, which has as objective to support policy making for zero-energy buildings (NZEB) and renewable heating and cooling (RES-H/C) within existing national building stocks by providing necessary data, analysis and guidelines. Read the news

Frederic BAULE brings his expertise to strengthen Enerdata’s development - 13 November 2014
We are proud to announce that Frederic BAULE has agreed to join our teams on an associate basis in order to support Enerdata’s development. Read the news

Zebra2020 launches the new website (Enerdata partner) - 24 September 2014
The EU-funded project ZEBRA2020 monitors the market uptake of low-energy buildings across Europe and thereby generates data and evidence for policy evaluation and optimisation. The Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) project gathers eight partners, including Enerdata, covering 17 European Member States.
The Zebra website will be enriched in 2015 with two additional tools: a tracker to measure the maturity of the nZEB market and a data tool combining information on overall construction and renovation activities (EPC, datasets, nZEB criteria, etc.).
To subscribe to the Newsletter visit http://zebra2020.eu
More information about the Zebra Project

Enerdata is opening a new office in Singapore - 26 November 2013
Enerdata is pleased to announce the opening of a new office located in the core of Singapore Business District Hub and the appointment of Mr. Antonio Della Pelle as its new Managing Director Asia Pacific. Read the news

Energy Efficiency Benchmarking explained in our free webinar - 17 June 2013
Best practices for benchmarking energy efficiency trends, policies and measures given in our free webinar taking place on the 20 of June, 15.30 - 17.00 CET. Read the news

Global Canadian Crude Oil Trading & Markets Conference - 20 February 2013
Canadian Enerdata Ltd. is holding a conference on the opportunities and challenges facing Canadian crude oil from both a global and domestic standpoint. The forum is to take place from the 22nd - 23rd of May in Calgary, Canada. Read the news

Free webinar on Smart Grids on Tuesday, 22nd of January, 15.00 - 16.00 GMT+1 - 14 January 2013
Enerdata in partnership with The Clean Energy Solutions Center invites you to join a free online training on key regulatory issues associated with the deployment of smart grids. Read the news

OSEA Conference & Exhibition in Singapore accommodates Enerdata from 27th to 30th of November - 12 November 2012
Enerdata will be holding a stand (Hall D, no. BG4-08) at the upcoming internal oil & gas industry event in Marina Bay Sands. Read the news

Enerdata is hosting a conference on energy demand modelling and CO2 policies on the 10th of October 2012 - 04 October 2012
Enerdata will host a conference together with partner EasyM Technology and Consulting at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental in Korea. Read the news

Presentation of final results obtained for Pashmina project on the 16th of October 2012 at the European Commission - 25 September 2012
Mr. Château, President of Enerdata, will be presenting final results obtained for the paradigm shift in the urban energy and transport nexus, together with research institutes NERI and sMASH. Read the news

Enerdata to speak at the EU-US Summit on Science, Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Economic Growth in Washington on the 11th of September 2012 - 10 September 2012
Mr. Château, President of Enerdata, will be giving a presentation on possible low carbon futures over the next 30 to 50 years. Read the news

Golden, Colorado (USA) and Grenoble (France) - 24 July 2012
Enerdata offers energy expertise at no cost through Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC); a clearinghouse of global policy best practices, data reports and analysis tools. Read the news

Launch of ‘Entranze’, a new IEE project - 11 July 2012
Enerdata is involved in a new project « Entranze » under the Energy Intelligent Europe Programme, to help EU policy makers prepare the era of nZEB (nearly-Zero Energy Buildings). Read the news

Tulsa, Ok. (USA) and Grenoble (France) - 07 December 2010
PennWell Corporation and Enerdata s.a.s. today announced that PennWell will be marketing the Enerdata suite of Online Information Services. Read the news

Enerdata was appointed as Speaker by the World Energy Council for its 2010 Congress in Montreal, to provide insight on global energy efficiency issues - 29 June 2010
Enerdata experts were well received at the WEC 2010 Exhibition.

Capgemini, VaasaETT and Enerdata have partnered to explore the current development of Demand Response throughout the EU-15 - 06 June 2008
The publication answers to the following question : How Europe could save gigawatts, billions of Euros and millions of tons of CO2? Read the news

20th World Energy Council Youth Programme - 10 October 2007
Energy efficiency: Striking the Balance. Read the news

Enerdata at the 20th World Energy Council Congress - 01 October 2007
Intervention of Bertrand Château, President of Enerdata, on the results of the quantification of the 4 new energy scenario of the WEC at 2050. Read the news

Enerdata has coordinated the project World Energy Technology Outlook – Hydrogen (WETO-H2) - 01 January 2007
This study, which uses the world energy model POLES, bears on the energy issues by 2050 posed by the prospect of climate change and by the downgrading of the availability of energy resources, especially fossil ones. Read the news

MarketResearch.com Announces Distribution of Enerdata Research - 01 October 2006
MarketResearch.com, the leading distributor of market intelligence, is pleased to announce a partnership with market research publisher Enerdata. This relationship allows for the marketing of Enerdata’s content through MarketResearch.com. Read the news

Enerdata Services is present at the Carbon Expo, in Cologne, from May 10 to 12 - 01 May 2006

Enerdata was present at the Montreal International Conference on Climate Change and presented its activites in CDM projects in Tunisia - 01 December 2005