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They mention us in the international press

Enerdata quoted in the most reputed international press (selection).

Tolling Deals in Indonesia: A New Downstream Trend? - 05 October 2016

In a recent interview with Downstream Today, Enerdata Managing Director - Antonio Della Pelle, gives his thoughts on the downstream refining deal involving Indonesian and Russian state-owned oil and gas firms Pertamina and Rosneft. A $12bn complex, processing 300,000 bpd is to be built in East Java.

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Tank Storage Magazine
Asia Pacific energy outlook and deep-down analysis of storage - 01 September 2016

Antonio Della Pelle, of Enerdata Singapore provides an overview of three possible scenarios for Asia's future energy mix and how this could impact future storage requirements.

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Gas Struggles to make Headway in the Philippines - 15 February 2016

In a recent interview with Interfax - Natural Gas Daily, Enerdata Asia’s managing director Antonio Della Pelle stated that although gas prices have decreased, that coal will remain more economic for the Philippines over the long-term despite the government’s efforts to rebalance the country’s generation mix with gas-fueled plants. According to Interfax, the Philippines plan to build more than 50 new power plants by 2020, of which one-third will be gas-powered. “If we look at the Philippines and their demand for additional power generation, we are still waiting for the first regasification terminal to come on-stream,” Della Pelle said. “If a company is investing today, security of supply and above all risk mitigation on feedstock price variance is better managed by investing in coal.”

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Saudi-Iranian Rift Guarantees Oil Overproduction will Continue ; Crisis Possible in Strait of Hormuz - 05 January 2016

In an interview published last month by Forbes, Enerdata Asia’s managing director Antonio Della Pelle provided the possible implications involved following Saudi Arabia’s decision to cut diplomatic ties with fellow OPEC member Iran. The decision from Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer, was sparked following the storming of the Saudi embassy in Tehran after the controversial execution of Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent Shi’ite cleric and outspoken opponent of Saudi Arabia’s ruling Al Saudi family. According to Della Pelle, major implications include navigation security in the Strait of Hormuz with a possible decrease in oil supply and increase in proper defense costs. In an analysis of the worst possible case scenario, Della Pelle stated that the gap would be partially off-set by strategic reserves while the remaining 7-10 million bpd of supply would need to come mainly from Russia, Africa, Europe and South America. “These supplies, when adding transport costs on average cost three times more than Middle Eastern supplies, hence from a simple arithmetic calculation we could say the price should jump up by 15%-20%,” Della Pelle said.

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