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Country Risk Analysis - Power & Gas Risk Analysis

Power & Gas related investment decisions in Asia

Power & Gas Risk Analysis

This new series of insightful risk reports will help executives with their power and gas related investment decisions in Asia, leveraging the exclusive insight from a globally recognized team of energy experts.

Why use our reports to better assess investment risks?

To better answer the market risk assessment in Asia, we have developed an Energy Risk Index (ERI). To provide a comparative assessment of risks, each category is comprised with five KPIs which are considered to represent the main risk influences. In order to evaluate the risk associated with each category, every KPI is scored on a scale from zero-to-ten, ranging from the lowest-risk countries (score zero) to the highest-risk (score ten).
If you would like more details about this methodology, please contact us.

Who can benefit from these reports?

  • Financial institutions
    Offers a comprehensive basis for assessing risks in the near and mid-term as well as benchmarking, an essential for investments
  • International organizations
    Gives an independent, non-political perspective on the Asian power & gas market including its key developments and risk drivers
  • Utilities and Services
    Includes timely independent risk and market development assessment for forecasts and business plans
  • Consulting
    Allows you to benchmark and analyze direct integration, feasibility studies and due diligences
  • Coverage of 18 countries representing major investments stakes in power and gas in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Each country report contains a detailed market description and the quantitative and qualitative assessment of 25 major indicators.
  • Five evaluation categories: commercial, socio-economic, financial, environmental and security risks.
  • The derivation of the indicators is based on reputable international sources and enables benchmarking among countries.
  • One overall risk index: Enerdata Risk Index (ERI)
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk assessment
  • 25 indicators grouped into five categories
  • Benchmark between 18 major Asian countries

Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea

This service is available under a 12-month subscription.
Request more information about pricing and delivering: email us

Further details?

Download the Country Risk Analysis brochure
How to subscribe?

This service is available through a 12 month subscription, for a limited number of registered users.

Please contact our commercial team to subscribe to our services:
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T: +44 207 183 4475
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