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Canadian Gas Price Reporter

Daily & Monthly Gas Prices in North America

Published by Canadian Enerdata since 1988, this product provides gas prices and price indices from all major trading locations and hubs in Canada and the US, and provides 2 publications:
  • CGPR Daily: daily natural gas spot prices and price indices online and emailed to you
  • CGPR Monthly: one-month natural gas spot prices and average daily spot, same and next day prices and price indices

Canadian Gas Price Reporter

is a source of authority to monitor gas prices and prices indices in North America. In particular, it includes the live AECO trades and prices indices.

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Canadian Gas Price Reporter is an essential information source for all professional dealing with gas prices in North America.

Available on Canadian Enerdata web platform with advanced graph features, you can also receive daily emails in your mailbox to be fully aware of the gas prices news, data and analysis.
CGPR Daily

  • Daily natural gas spot prices and price indices
  • All major trading locations and hubs in Canada and the U.S.
  • Live AECO trades and price indices throughout the day
  • Daily natural gas market news and analysis, weather, drilling and storage data
  • Online interface that allow you to chart prices and price indices at any location
  • E-mail your own analysis to your inbox

CGPR Monthly

  • Published on the second business day of the month
  • One-month natural gas spot prices and average daily spot, same and next day prices and price indices
  • All major trading locations and hubs in Canada and the U.S.
  • Includes AECO one-month spot and average daily spot price indices
  • Strong web platform dedicated to gas prices and price indices in North America
  • All prices and price indices listed in a single service
  • Access to daily prices and AECO live prices and indices
  • Easy online platform to build analyse and email them to your inbox
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Topics on the Gas Price Reporter (CGPR) extracted from the sample on
January 2010 Volume 21 Number 8

• Alb. 1-month spot gas at Empress = $5.0677/GJ - up 64¢
• January Empress-AECO/NIT Market Differential = -8.87¢/GJ
• Daily AECO/NIT gas index for Dec. = $5.2157/GJ - up $1.67
• Alberta one year gas at Empress = $6.0621/GJ - up 14¢
• Station 2 one-month spot gas = $5.1132/GJ - up 47¢
• Octtember Alberta ref. price = $3.40/GJ - up 92¢
• Henry Hub spot price = $5.814/MMBtu - up $1.33
• U.S. avg. 30-day spot price = $5.91 - up $1.42
• Current February futures contract = $5.855/MMBtu

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This service is delivered by Canadian Enerdata, a leading information company of the Canadian energy market.

This service is available through an annual subscription. A subscription limits the subscribing company to one and only one user.
Up to two additional users (from the same subscribing company) may be added to the corporate subscription.
A Distribution License is required if there is more than 3 users from the same company. The Distribution License allows for up to 25 users from the same subscribing company as well as the Historical Data.

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Additional user (up to 2)$565/user
Distribution License$6 595

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