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Energy Partners Research

Energy weekly and monthly reports and databases - Partners Research

JYD China Reports

China Oil Industry Reports

China oil products market review provides pricing trends and refinery output figures on a weekly and monthly basis.
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China Gas Market reports

Weekly and Monthly China LPG import and export statistics and shipment, production, transportation inventory, price index and projection. The report provides full-scale concise insight on the China Gas Market.
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China Chemical Market Reports

Includes EXW prices in domestic market, supply and demand, Methanol, aromatics, CTO plastic and rubber.
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Cedigaz services

Underground Gas Storage Publication - (World coverage) 5th Edition

Published by Cedigaz, the gas storage publication analyses what's happening on international market and provides valuable analysis that allows to address such current issues and topics as What are the global gas storage trends in each of international markets: Asia, China, Europe and the USA?

Underground Gas Storage Database (World coverage)

The underground gas storage database (international coverage) is provided in excel file. This is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date gas storage databases: storages system, storage gas status, storage type, cushion gas volume, peak withdrawal rate etc. The database is provided by Cedigaz, a key source of unbiased fundamental industry data.


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