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Special Foresight Reports

EnerFuture Analysis Pack

In-depth analysis to seize tomorrow's energy challenges.

The premium analytical service capitalizes on 30 years of experience in the energy industry, intelligence brought from dozens of client assignments and our globally recognized efforts in scenario building with the POLES-Enerdata model.

This service will give you access to highly valuable analytical reports, released on a monthly basis. Reports tackle today and tomorrow's key energy issues such as unconventional oil & gas, the emergence of BRICs, the future of electric cars and new liquid fuels. They give a long-term view on hotly debated energy topics and their implications at a national or global scale

Information is sourced primarily from EnerFuture a forecasting scenario service based on the globally recognised POLES-Enerdata model.

How to subscribe?

This service is available through a 12 month subscription, for a limited number of registered users.

Please contact our commercial team to subscribe to our services:
email us
T: +44 207 183 4475
F: +44 207 183 8445

Special Foresight Reports is available as an add-on module to EnerFuture, accessible through the online portal.

The following analytical reports are included in the service:

  • Shale Gas and Gas Import Capacities in Europe: Not quite a trade-off
  • The European Union's 3 x 20 Targets: Challenging enough?
  • Unconventional Oil: After Peak (cheap) Oil
  • Personally written by Enerdata's experts
  • Sound and reliable data from the POLES-Enerdata model
  • Methodology given, incl. energy scenario projection descriptions
  • Reports accessible through online interface available 24/7
  • Data exportable in PDF for direct use
  • Make savings by purchasing the report package