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World Refinery Database

New & Existing Refineries Monitoring - Quarterly Updates

World refinery database
Where are the new refinery units under development located? What is the commissioning date of a new refinery? What is the cumulated refining capacity owned by a company? What will be the refining capacity in a given country within 5 years?


World Refinery Database

offers a full coverage of refinery units worldwide through an easily searchable online interface. Use our database to assess current and future production capacities of refined oil products by country and by zone, giving you an edge to understanding the changing global market of the refining industry.

We present you with a competitive tool to analyse the development of infrastructures in the refining industry (by refined oil product) and the level of investments to match refined oil demand (by country).

Enerdata prides itself on its constant follow-up of specialised news and its structured management process guaranteeing the most up-to-date coverage of operational and new refineries.

  • Continuous identification of new refinery units, extension of existing ones
  • Global coverage
  • Continuous follow-up of the project's status: planned, under development, under construction, testing, commissioned, stopped, cancelled
  • Detailed data by refinery
    • Location (country/state)
    • Status (operational, under construction, planned)
    • Year of commissioning
    • Crude atmospheric distillation (bbl/d)
    • Ownership
  • Quarterly updates of the database
  • Get updated information of the development of new refinery assets in the world
  • Access to a well structured, clean database on xls
  • Browse database by country, by operator, by status
  • Benefit from quality information provided by a team of experienced analysts
  • Assess the dynamism of each country as regards refinery capacity and investment
  • Identify the most active operators by country
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Our database is available as a continuous updated source through our online interface or as a one-time Excel export. Download the regional dataset of your choice from our webshop:

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How to subscribe?

This service is available through a 12 month subscription, for a limited number of registered users.

Please contact our commercial team to subscribe to our services:
email us
T: +44 207 183 4475
F: +44 207 183 8445