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Renewable energies

Global insight on the development of renewable energies

The market of renewable energies is experiencing a major development in developed countries, an also in developing countries, uin particular in the context of the Clean Development Mechanism market.

Expertise in Renewable Energies

  • Renewable energies forecasts

  • Renewable energies market analysis

  • Renewable technologies assessment

  • Regulatory & Policy impact analysis

Selected references

Renewable energies forecasts

For the government of New-Caledonia: development of a model dedicated to the power market, to assess the need for new investments and options in the power generation mix.

Renewable energies market analysis

For a leading equipment company: global assessment of the market potential for biomass-fired power plants in 2015.

Renewable technologies assessment

Evaluation of new technologies (renewable, nuclear, transport vehicles, efficient buildings, advanced coal power plants, CO2 capture and storage, and H2 production and use technologies (WETO 2030 and WETO 2050 projects) . These evaluations were carried out with the POLES model.


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