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Power market expertise

Advanced knowledge of the power market value chain & development

Power market


Enerdata has a unique expertise in the evaluation of the power markets around the world. Simulations of the power market development, need for investment in new capacities, power prices evolution or some of the numerous issues we address.
  • Power market forecasts

  • Power market analysis

  • Carbon impact on the power market

  • Regulatory & Policy impact analysis

Power market forecasts

For the government of New-Caledonia: development of a model dedicated to the power market, to assess the need for new investments and options in the power generation mix. Study for a large French utility on electricity mix forecast on at detailed European level with the POLES model.

Power market analysis

For a start-up: global outlook of the gas power plants. Enerdata provided a detailed analysis of the gas combustion power plants market, with a segmentation by technology and by power plant size.

Carbon impact on the power market

Studies for large French utilities on the impact of carbon constraints on the power mix with the POLES model and the ASPEN analytical tool of future carbon markets.


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