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Energy technologies

Assess the development potential of new & alternative energy technologies

Enerdata provides expertise and advisory services to assess the potential of new & alternative technologies in an increasingly competative and uncertain energy market.

Fields of technology expertise

  • Technology diffusion potential assessment
    Based on a strong quantitative market database and with a dedicated team of experts, Enerdata can provide quicky responsive market analysis, for all European countries and in more than 120 countries worldwide.

  • Impact evaluation of regulatory incentive
    Enerdata provides expertise to assist clients in assessing an energy market, be they national or within a world region or zone.

  • Power generation costs from new & alternative technologies
    Enerdata provides modelling skills to assist governments in the development of dynamic models to assess investment objectives, power supply mix options and impacts on the power generation cost.

Technology tools

  • POLES model
    Global supply & demand forecasting model

  • TECHPOL technology database
    Techpol is a proprietary database of the LEPii, a research institute that works closely with Enerdata. This database provides an updated view of new and existing technological characteristics,and reference costs associatd.
Selected reference including technology evaluation
  • Assessment of the impacts of various regulatory schemes for reducing the CO2 emissions from automobiles in the EU, on production costs according to automobile category, for the French Government, 2006

  • Evaluation of the diffusion of various energy technologies (renewable, nuclear, transport vehicles, efficient buildings, advanced coal power plants, CO2 capture and storage, and H2 production and use technologies (WETO 2030 and WETO 2050 projects) . These evaluations were carried out with the POLES model.

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