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Carbon Market Research

Reckoned experience in carbon market research and data management on CO2 emissions.

Based on cutting-edge statistical databases on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, we anticipate the development of carbon markets, assess the impact of regulatory change on business, define emissions reductions potentials and define strategic action plans to reduce CO2 emissions.

Enerdata is active in carbon market data, research and analysis.

Our data-driven information system manages detailed CO2 emissions time series, by country, by sector and by industry process for the whole world.

Our strength lies in our ability to transform this data into powerful information on global carbon markets.

We assist private and public organisations in developing relevant indicators to monitor the impact of climate change policies on CO2 emissions level. We also help them design and develop robust data & research processes to provide sustainable carbon monitoring tools.

Fields of Enerdata expertise

Enerdata can provide you with expertise in the following areas:

  • Deep expertise in many of the key sectors of GHG emissions: transportation, electric power, energy efficiency
  • Evaluation of energy combustion impact on GHG emissions
  • Energy efficiency evaluation and impacts on the environment and on sustainable development
  • SO2 and Nox emissions evaluation
  • The implications of carbon markets for government and international policy developments
  • GHG data management

Recent references in carbon market research

The Enerdata staff has considerable experience with environmental issues. Among the latest achievements:

  • Monitoring of GHG trends in the EU and by member country (ODYSSEE project)
  • Assessment of energy efficiency and GHG policies for France : ADEME, Commissariat G�n�ral au Plan, Ministry of Environment, Industry Secretariat
  • World Energy, Technology and Climate Change Outlook (WETO), Book prepared for and published by the European Commission
  • Assessment of the French National Program on Climate Change (PNLCC) for Ministry of Environment

Carbon Tools

Our proprietary databases and models allow us to accurately forecast national greenhouse gas emissions by sector the energy sector, transport, industry processes, residential & services; waste and agriculture.

  • EU ETS simulation model (ASPEN)
    ASPEN is a software associated with the global energy model POLES, that simulates the evolution of the EU ETS under regulatory constraints.
  • GHG emissions forecasting model (MED-PRO)
    MED-PRO is a reference model to forecast national greenhouse gas emissions on a mid to long-term scope.
  • CO2-energy emissions database
    Development and maintenance of a database on greenhouse gases including all statistics necessary to build the GHG inventories according to the UNFCCC methodology, for all countries in the world, a proprietary database of Enerdata.
    Detailed statistics on energy consumption and energy efficiency indicators for the EU countries, a database of the European Commission and the network of EU energy efficiency agencies, managed by Enerdata.

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Global database on greenhouse gases emissions