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Technologies development

Assess the emergence of new energy technologies

Enerdata assists clients to assess the potential development and diffusion of emerging technologies, including impacts of political & economic incentives and constraints.

Enerdata works closely with the LEPii, a French research insitute that manages a detailed database on energy technologies.

  • Assessment of development potential of technologies
    Enerdata provides expertise by simulating the development of a given technology in the energy sector, accounting for complete costs of energy production from the technology vs. alternative technologies.

  • Impact assessment of policy & regulatory incentives on technologies development
    New technologies take-off is often driven by government incentives (tax rebate, markets constraints, negociated prices, etc.). Eenrdata simulates the impacts of these regulations of the emergence and diffusion of a given thechnology in its market.

Selected References
  • Evaluation of the diffusion of various energy technologies (renewable, nuclear, transport vehicles, efficient buildings, advanced coal power plants, CO2 capture and storage, and H2 production and use technologies (WETO 2030 and WETO 2050 projects). These evaluations were carried out with the POLES model.


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