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Research programmes

Enerdata is largely involved in research programmes at European and global level. The company participates in research programmes as leading partner or as a contributing member.

Types of research programmes

Enerdata provides expertise and proprietary tools to contribute to research programmes. Research programmes include:

  • Long term energy forecasts, among including future fossil fuel resource assessment, role of new energy carriers (ie hydrogen), greenhouse gas emissions

  • New technology development & assessment

  • Dematerialized societies prospective

  • Long-term climate change mitigation evaluation

References in Research Programmes

  • WETO-H2: future global energy systems evaluation and prospects for hydrogen potential market penetration of hydrogen

  • ADAM (Adaptation & Mitigation): evaluation of long term mitigation policies and their links with adaption policies

  • IDDRI: Assessment of the role of materials in future buildings and transport systems and interactions with the energy system under carbon constraints



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