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Energy markets forecasts

Assess the outlook of an energy commodity in the mid to long term scope

The energy sectors evolve in an increasingly uncertain environment: high price volatility on international markets, increasing carbon constraints have deep impacts on the markets developments. By simulating supply & demand equilibrium by geography and between energy sources, Enerdata assists clients in evaluating the future outlook of the global oil, gas, power and coal markets.

  • Oil, gas, power, coal markets outlooks
    Enerdata provides expertise on the assessment of future energy markets outlooks. Also, our proprietary databases and models simulate interaction between energies, to better anticipate the future energy markets.

  • Outlook of green energies
    Power generation from renewable energies, development of biofuels markets: Enerdata provides assistance on evaluation of the potential development of these new markets, that are largely subsidised.

Scope of energy market forecasts
  • 47 countries
  • Energy markets : oil, gas, power and coal markets

Forecasting Tools

Selected References
  • Study for large French utilities on future energy mix forecast for large European countries with the POLES model.

  • Study for a large French utility on electricity mix forecast on a detailed European level with the POLES model.


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