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Economic, Policy & regulatory evaluation

Our team of economists brings together unique experience in conducting economic analysis regarding numerous issues. Using cutting-edge research and analytical methods, Enerdata provides expert analysis to assist and support decision makers.

Econometric and Statistical Analysis
Enerdata offers statistical and econometric capabilities for projects involving intensive quantitative aspects. The team is skilled at handling large datasets and using state-of-the-art econometric methods, including regression analysis, discrete choice modelling, and simulation-based methods.

Evaluating Emissions Trading Programs
Enerdata has unparalleled expertise in designing and analyzing market-based climate change regulations. For the past 20 years, Enerdata has been supporting the French Ministry of Environment. Enerdata also supports international programs to cut greenhouse gases. Relying on tools dedicated to climate change evaluation, Enerdata combines a theoretical approach with quantitative modelling using both market simulation and programming approaches. more on climate change expertise

Cost-Benefit Analysis
Policy analysis increasingly relies on tools such as cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis to determine the net impacts of a policy, and the least-cost option among policy choices. Enerdata has implemented cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis in a variety of issues.


References in Economic Evaluation

  • International: UNDP, ADB, China, Malaysia, Belgium
  • France: CAS (Centre d'Analyse Stratégique), DGEMP (French Energy Minstry), MIES, Gaz de France, EDF




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