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Market Research on energy efficiency and demand

Enerdata is a globally recognised expert in energy efficiency data, research and analysis. Our data-driven information system manages detailed energy consumption time series, by country, for the whole world. Our strength lies in our ability to transform this data into powerful information on energy efficiency. We assist private and public organisations in developing relevant indicators to monitor the overall energy performance and efficiency by sector. We also help them design and develop robust data & research processes to provide sustained efficiency monitoring tools.

Recent references in energy efficiency data mining:

  • Calculation of global

    energy efficiency indicators

     for the World Energy Council
  • Design, development and maintenance of the European Commission’s energy efficiency database, Odyssee
  • Participation to the development and enhancement of the MURE database on energy efficiency policy evaluation measure in European countries
  • Assistance to the energy efficiency agency of Tunisia (ANME) for the development of its energy efficiency data monitoring system
  • Assistance to the energy efficiency agency of India (BEEE) for the collection of end-use data in India
  • Enerdata prepared energy efficiency indicators for the

    WEC Committee on Energy Efficiency

     Policies and Indicators in partnership with ADEME in order to promote and support development, introduction and implementation of energy efficiency policies around the world.

Case Study 1:

Energy consumption patterns

 for the residential sector in European countries for a major Asian electronic appliance manufacturer.

Our client, a major Asian electronic appliance manufacturer, needed to better understand the habits of energy consumption in the European countries, to adapt its offer accordingly.

Enerdata has assisted the client in the different steps of this data mining & research assignment:

  • Identify the available industry data, at a very detailed level
  • Design the appropriate

    key efficiency indicators

  • Compile, expertise the data
  • Deliver the data sets in appropriate formats

The detailed data and indicators included:

  • Share of each

    type of fuel

  • Monthly consumption of

    electricity, gas and heating oil

  • Hourly

    electricity consumption

    (by appliance and total)
  • Detailed end user tariffs (plus share of taxes, fixed vs. variable ratio, change frequency)

Season patterns an  temperature settings (both  recorded and recommended)

Case study 2: Making business

decisions based on power generation emission indicators

Our client, an international energy equipment manufacturer, needed to determine the business potential according to plant emissions in each country. The objective was hence to position the client’s offering vs. country standards and assess carbon credit potentials.

Enerdata has assisted the client in this data mining & research assignment.

Data collection and expertise on a global base:

  • Simple-grid countries + multi-grid countries aggregates
  • Multi-grid countries: individual grid focus

Design and calculation of a number of indicators:

  • Build Margin: average emissions of latest plants & projects in one country
  • Operating Margin: average emissions for all plants in one country

Case study 3: Energy Saving Potentials

Enerdata worked for the project related with Energy Efficiency Savings potentials calculation as well as the detailed final project report based on a scenario approach which underlies the calculations.
Database provides harmonised energy savings potentials for each Europe Member State. It also indicates the main drivers used to estimate these potentials and present the trends in some energy efficiency indicators that are associated to the different potentials.




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