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Energy demand analysis

High level of expertise of final energy demand by usages

Enerdata experts have developed powerful forecasting models based on energy demand usages with a high level of details by sector. This bottom-up approach allows us to provide insightful overviews of the evolution of the final energy demand.

Country Energy Demand Forecasts

Country Energy Demand Forecasts

Country Energy Demand Forecast is an innovative service dedicated to energy demand forecasts by country. It offers a unique approach to energy demand forecasting, with a powerful modelling platform delivered on a simple web interface, where data and scenarios have been pre-defined by our energy demand experts.

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Main segments of downstream energy analysis

  • Energy uses in bulk material industries: steel, cement, ...
  • Energy uses and intensities in major evaluated branches.
  • Energy uses in space heating, note heating, cooling, electrical appliances for households and services.
  • Energy uses for private cars, public passengers and freight transportation.
  • Energy inputs and outputs of main energy transformers: power plants, refineries, etc.

Selected references

  • Evaluation of energy consumption and efficiency trends in the EU in New Member countries


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