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CDM Projects

Enerdata has been active in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) market since 2003, and currently assists clients in the industry sector to develop CDM projects.

Enerdata assists industrial clients in identifying CDM & Joint Implementation projects , leading profitability studies and due diligence audits, preparing PIN and PDD, et managing administrative tasks to generate carbon credits. Enerdata also assists with project financing issues.

Our services

  • Identify CDM & JI projects portfolio
  • Carring out economic studies and baseline studies
  • Participate in new UNFCCC methodologies development
  • Write PIN (Project Information Note) and PDD (Project Design Documents)
  • Implement and monitor projects
  • Find investors
  • Prepare, execute training on carbon market and CDM projects


Selected References in CDM Projects

  • Wind power to supply a cement plant in Tunisia
    Cement plants are heavy electricity-intensive. The project consists in constructing a 14MW wind park nearby the cement plant to supply around 30% of its power needs, in the region of El Kef in Tunisia. As a result, the energy bill of the company will be significantly reduced, and about 30 000 tCO2/year will be generated, in form of CERs. Enerdata assists the CIOK cement company to execute profitability strategy, and prepare the PIN and the PDD.
  • Installation of cogeneration within industrial plants in Tunisia
    A cogeneration taskforce was set up in Tunisia to promote this technology. With a better energy efficiency ratio, and producing both power and heat cogeneration is a good alternative in several industry branches. In this context, several industrial companies are investigating gas turbine cogeneration installation, as CDM projects. Enerdata assisted 2 industrial clients in executing this economic strategy, and preparing PIN and PDDs.

  • Identification of CDM projects portfolio in Tunisia
    Enerdata led a study on behalf of the ANME and the PNUD to identify opportunities in developing CDM projects for large energy consumers in the industrial sector. Possible projects included renewable energy development, fuel switch and heat recovery. A first selection of projects was made. Selected projects were benchmarked and ranked across an analytical grid. A portfolio was prepared, including the most promising projects, with analysis on the ROI and CO2 emissions reduction potential.


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